Accessing WIX ComboBox via keyboard

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Accessing WIX ComboBox via keyboard

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We have WIX .msi installer, and it has a combo box defined like this:
            <Control Id="ActionDomainCombo" Type="ComboBox" X="200" Y="200" Width="140" Height="65" Property="ACTIONSDOMAIN" Sorted="no" ComboList="yes">
                <Condition Action="hide">
                <Condition Action="show">

We are trying to access/use the combo box via keyboard.
1.            Pressing the TAB user reaches to the combo box.
2.            User presses ALT+Down key to open the combo box. The combo box gets opened.
3.            Now the user presses Up/Down Key to navigate the choices in the combo box.

Expected Result:
Using Up/down arrow, list item should be selected and should not close the dropdown.
Pressing enter should select the list item and should close the DropDown.

Actual Result:
Drop down is getting closed with Up/down arrow and Item is automatically selected as value.

This behavior of the combobox is different from the normal standard behavior of the Windows ComboBox.
Is it by-deign in WIX?
Is there any way to get the expected behavior from the combo box?