Advice? ICE99 duplicate MSI property and Directory 'name'

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Advice? ICE99 duplicate MSI property and Directory 'name'

Phill Hogland
My build process creates a bundle output folder tree with the sub folder "x64" and "x86" under which there are platform specific driver packages:

I have a situation where I need to create a MSI package which will include the above Bundle output tree, so that these bundle files are installed to a staging location as part of another bundle chain.  Yesterday as I was creating the MSI package to deploy the bundle files, and I encountered ICE99
  "The directory name: x64 is the same as one of the MSI Public Properties and can cause unforeseen side effects."

So yesterday I commented out those files and worked on a different aspect of the project while I researched the issue.  I did not find in the MSI Property Reference a property of the same name.

Today I removed the comment indicators that I had used to hide the problem and recompiled and now I never get the ICE99 error.  I considered changing the folder name to something like "x64_" but making such a change will have a massive impact on many projects throughout my build process.

How important is it to make this change, given that the ICE99 is no longer being reported, and we have gone through several release cycles using the build process which produces the above output tree for all of our bundles?  Is this a real problem that I should address?