Bootstrapper bundle upgrade not upgrading exe packages

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Bootstrapper bundle upgrade not upgrading exe packages

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I'm working on a WiX bootstrapper/bundle installer which installs a MSI package and a few .exe packages. The bundle installer will need to be able to upgrade its components when a new bundle is installed. Initially I faced an issue where my ExePackage components were being un-installed on upgrade, and then I learned that you can avoid that by putting a dep:Provides entry in the ExePackage elements. That fixed the un-install upgrade issue, but now I'm seeing an issue where the ExePackage components are not being upgraded with a newer bundle installer.

I've tested this by creating 2 versions of my bundle installer - One with a newer version of one of the ExePackage components. If I install the lower-version bundle, then install the newer-version bundle, it appears that nothing gets upgraded - The one ExePackage component it's supposed to upgrade is still the older version. The registry entry created by the dep:Provides element gets updated with the new version though. Then, when I un-install the bundle, everything gets removed except for the ExePackage component that it was supposed to upgrade.

It seems there is a lack of documentation or examples for this scenario and others with WiX. Does anyone have an example for this scenario?

One of my ExePackage elements looks similar to this:

              InstallCommand="/install /quiet"
              UninstallCommand="/uninstall /quiet"
              Cache="always" >
    <dep:Provides Key="Blah" Version="" />

My DetectCondition logic is a FileSearch which looks similar to this:

  Result="version" />