Check prerequisites condition based on a checkbox in wix

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Check prerequisites condition based on a checkbox in wix

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Hi i have developed an setup for my application using wix .It has VSToRuntime as the prerequisites check. But in my application i need keep a checkbox named skip prerequisite check and if the checkbox has checked then i want to skip the prerequisite checks.Is it possible in wix

My prerequisite condition for VSTO is

    Key="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VSTO Runtime Setup\v4R"
    Type="raw" />
  Message="The Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime is not installed.

 Please download and install from  ">


and i have added a checkbox in my custom dialog,


<Control Id="Skipcheck" Type="CheckBox" X="20" Y="80" Width="290" Height="17"
                   Property="SKIPCHECK" CheckBoxValue="1" Text="Skip check" />

but have no idea how to make it work with prerequisite..?? How to achieve it ?