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Custom Actions on Upgrade

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Hi guys,

I'm sure this is obvious but im having some trouble running some custom actions on major upgrades.

i have 6 custom actions i run on an uninstall, i want to also run the first 4 of them when i'm removing a previous version.

I've tried what i have below... i have also tried with UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE instead of WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED.

Looking at the logs... its skipping all of them as the condition is false

MSI (s) (D4:C8) [16:39:07:301]: Doing action: UnpublishFeatures
Action 16:39:07: UnpublishFeatures. Unpublishing Product Features
Action start 16:39:07: UnpublishFeatures.
Action ended 16:39:07: UnpublishFeatures. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (D4:C8) [16:39:07:303]: Skipping action: SetStopServiceCmdLine (condition is false)

<Custom Action="SetStopServiceCmdLine" Before="RemoveFiles">(WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) OR (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>
<Custom Action="StopService" After="SetStopServiceCmdLine">(WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) OR (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>
<Custom Action="SetKillEpmdCmdLine" After="StopService">(WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) OR (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>
<Custom Action="KillEpmd" After="SetKillEpmdCmdLine">(WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) OR (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>
<Custom Action="SetUninstallServiceCmdLine" After="KillEpmd">(NOT WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) AND (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>
<Custom Action="UninstallService" After="SetUninstallServiceCmdLine">(NOT WIX_UPGRADE_DETECTED) AND (REMOVE="ALL")</Custom>

any pointers would be very very much appreciated!