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Delete a folder using Wix
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I recently tried to create an installer for my application using Wix. When I uninstalled the application all my folders and files were deleted except some created at run time by the application. After some research I found out that the reason was because those folders and files were created after the install proccess. I also found out that what I wanted to use would be the element RemoveFolderEx. Unfortunatly, I am having some trouble to use the tag. This is my current code that doesn't work:

<Feature Id="ProductFeature" Title="App" Level="1">
  <ComponentRef Id="deeletappdata" />

<Component Id="deeletappdata" Guid="*" Directory="AppDataFolder">
  <util:RemoveFolderEx Id="RemoveAppDataAppContent" On="uninstall" Property="AppDataAppFolderDir" />

<Directory Id="AppDataFolder">
  <Directory Id="AppDataAppFolderDir" Name="$(var.Application)"/>

How can I use the element RemoveFolderEx?