Difxapp Component Installation condition

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Difxapp Component Installation condition

Hello All,

I am using Difxapp for the first time, my installation is successful as long
as the hardware I am installing it present in the system.

I searched and can't find an answer to my question, maybe my key words are
incorrect.  Please let me know if this is possible.

The MSI I have installs a driver and other applications.  Because of
different possibilities, the hardware may in some cases not be present in
the system.  When this is the case my MSI fails the installation and Rolls

Is it possible to ignore the success state of a specific component (in this
case the one responsible for installing the device drive) to allow the
installation to be successful regardless of whether the hardware is present
in the system or not?

Here is the solution I have in mind: Write a CA to scan the system for the
device and attach this to a property and install the component based on the
property's value.  Is there a better way?

Thanks for the advice,

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Re: Difxapp Component Installation condition

Phill Hogland
I use the WixDifxAppExtension to install multiple drivers in configurations where in most cases the hardware will not exist, because they are different types of printer drivers and no hardware, or one model of printer is expected.  Maybe the difference is related to the DifxApp flags.  In my Component which includes the INF file as the keypath, I also have:
<difx:Driver AddRemovePrograms="no" PlugAndPlayPrompt="no" />