EULA file localization - Override WixUILicenseRtf in the respective .wxl file using binder variables

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EULA file localization - Override WixUILicenseRtf in the respective .wxl file using binder variables

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There have been numerous posts already about how to localize the EULA. The typical process that i have seen involve creating a customized copy of the License agreement dialog as described at: http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/mladenp/archive/2010/04/15/WiX-3-Tutorial-Custom-EULA-License-and-MSI-localization.aspx

I am wondering if there is an easy way to accomplish the localization of EULA other than the above listed process or invoking light.exe multiple times.

However, i did come across another post where people seem to think that its possible by overriding the variable: WixUILicenseRtf using binder variables or by referencing properties from the Property table in each of the respective .wxl file.

Take a look at the response in the below thread: https://sourceforge.net/p/wix/mailman/message/23470818/ Is it possible to pass variable to WIX localization file? (Here they talk about using Property names in the .wxl file)

However, i am unable to get my EULA file localized, irrespective of what i do. Here is what i have done: In my Product.wxs, i define the following:

<Property Id="License">$(var.Path)</Property>
<WixVariable Id="LicenseTxt" Overridable="yes" Value="$(var.Path)"/>
In my respective .wxl file, i try either one of these:

<String Id="WixUILicenseRtf" Overridable="yes" >!(bind.property.License)</String>

<String Id="WixUILicenseRtf" Overridable="yes" >!(wix.LicenseTxt)</String>
However, i observe that the EULA is blank and is not resolved to the correct EULA file.

I opened the .wixobj file and observe that both License as well as LicenseTxt defined in the Product.wxs have the correct values.

What am i doing wrong here? Is this even possible?

Kindly advice.