Editing ConnectionString in web.config

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Editing ConnectionString in web.config

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Hi all,
I am missing a final piece in my WIX installer.
I use a setup.build script to run heat, then candle, then light. The heat command publishes my web application to a local folder as expected. I use -gg to generate guids on all the files as part of this process. The resulting MSI works great.

The problem I am having is with editing the web.config file included in the project.

I need to write a [DATABASE] section in based on a property set in a GUI. The database is created fine in the location specified in the GUI.

So, I have been trying to use XMLUtil, but I think that the problem I'm having is related to not knowing the GUID that's going to be generated by heat on the web.config file, so I can't address the file.

What I don't know, is how to remedy this. How to exclude web.config from the heat process, how to include the install of it separately so that I can set a GUID myself, or if this is actually the problem.

Can anyone help?