How to Bundle that requires existing to be manually uninstalled

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How to Bundle that requires existing to be manually uninstalled

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I would like to author a bundle that exits if an existing version of the product exists on the PC

The bundle includes Microsoft visual studio redistributable and one Wix Package ADE

The Wix Package is somewhat quirky as it uses a command shell to install or uninstall the one feature.
which includes Windows service, COM DLLs, .NET COM DLLs, .NET GAC DLL, and a few Native exe's

WIX 3.8 is developed from VS2013 no harvesting

I believe the check should be made in the bundle which includes an upgrade code, product code and an incrementing version major &/or minor &/or Build

Only one copy of one version should be installed at any time

at the moment if I install eg 4.1.3 don't uninstall it & then install 4.3.1 the version installed becomes 4.3.1 but the files in program files etc are still version 4.1.3 and no command shells are run

what I would like to happen is that if 4.1.3 (or any other version) is not uninstalled the install of 4.3.1 would exit with prompt "another version of ADE is already installed please uninstall it" or something like that

I use Wix Installer 3.8 but product has dedicated Development PC so WIX installer version could change.

Please help if pos.