How to Set Registry Entrys for Created User?

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How to Set Registry Entrys for Created User?

das Ü
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I am new with WIX Toolset and have a Problem with Registry-Entrys for a Special User.
I want to set a few Registry-Entrys for a User i have created in my Setup.

All User-Settings like Autologon etc. works fine but the Registry-Entrys not Working.

If i Set the Regitry-Entrys for the Default-User an create the User afterwards. It is not working.
If i use Current User, ya know works fine for the user who install it but is not what i wanted.

The Toolset Documentation is not helping or i ignored something.

With Root="HKU" i Need the "Sid" of the created User. How can i get it during the Installation Routine?

Is there a Workaround or Best Practice how to solve this Problem?

I hope anyone can help me.

Thanks for your help