How to use property values within downloadUrl in Wix Burn

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How to use property values within downloadUrl in Wix Burn

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I need to create a download URL in wix burn based on the user inputs to download a MSI package. I am setting the properties as below and properties set into those variable without a problem when I give them as inputs while creating the .exe package.

    <Variable Name="PROTOCOL" Value="!(wix.Protocol)" bal:Overridable="yes"/>
    <Variable Name="SOURCE" Value="!(wix.Source)" bal:Overridable="yes"/>

But the problem is when I use these properties inside the downloadUrl attribute of the MsiPackage element actual values of the properties will not be taken. Burn just recognize them as [PROTOCOL] and [SOURCE]. Following is my MsiPackage element.

     <MsiPackage Id="SSCE"
          Name="SQL Server Compact Edition"
          SourceFile="../PackageRepo/SQLCE 3.5/SSCERuntime-ENU.msi"
          DownloadUrl="[PROTOCOL]://[SOURCE]/PackageRepo/SQLCE 3.5/SSCERuntime-ENU.msi"
          InstallCondition="(NOT SSCERuntimeVersion) AND (NOT SSCERuntimeServicePackLevel)"/>

Because of this reason file is not downloading as well as whole setup is not get installed and exit with unspecified error.

So can anyone please tell me how to use the property values inside the MsiPackage element's downloadUrl attribute.