How to validate an editbox input in wix bootstrapper

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How to validate an editbox input in wix bootstrapper

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Is there a standard way to validate an editbox when click OK button in bootstrapper? the sample code is something like this:

        <Page Name="Options">
                <Text X="11" Y="80" Width="-11" Height="30" FontId="2" DisablePrefix="yes">#(loc.OptionsHeader)</Text>
                <Text X="11" Y="173" Width="150" Height="23" FontId="3" >Port:</Text>
                <Editbox Name="Port" X="171" Y="173" Width="-91" Height="21" TabStop="yes" FontId="3" FileSystemAutoComplete="yes"></Editbox>
                <Button Name="OptionsOkButton" X="-91" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.OptionsOkButton)</Button>
                <Button Name="OptionsCancelButton" X="-11" Y="-11" Width="75" Height="23" TabStop="yes" FontId="0">#(loc.OptionsCancelButton)</Button>

thanks in advance.