ICE82 error with RegisterUser suppress=false

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ICE82 error with RegisterUser suppress=false

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I'm working on a new installer on a new product. I'm following an older wix installer as an example.

I'm using wix 3.10 on visual studio 2015

And there this code :

    <Property Id="ARPNOREPAIR" Value="1" />
    <Property Id="ARPNOREMOVE" Value="0" />
    <Property Id="ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT" Value="1" />
      <PublishFeatures Suppress='yes'  />
      <PublishProduct Suppress='yes'  />
      <RegisterProduct Suppress='yes'  />
      <RegisterUser Suppress='yes'  />

Its generating an error but the installer is created successfully.

Error ICE82: The InstallExecuteSequence contains RegisterUser which makes this list (Publish Features, PublishProduct, RegisterProduct, RegisterUser) partial. Should either contain all of the 4 actions mentioned in the list or none of them. Provider.Host.Setup light.exe 0

How could I get ride of that error ?

Thank you !