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Installer to write Data in LocalAppDataFolder

Sarvagya Pant
I have written a small program that will be installing the program in
Program Files folder. In code, i have used pdf file, but in reality there
will be an executable. The installer once installed will write logs in the
folder created in LocalAppDataFolder and a custom action created in C++
will create a config file for that executable in same folder. Here is the
link to my sample program =>

But when I compile this program, I get following error:
1. Error    1    ICE38: Component SecondFile installs to user profile. It
must use a registry key under HKCU as its KeyPath, not a file.
E:\Sarvagya\LearningStuffs\ArkoInstaller\ArkoInstaller\Product.wxs    35
2. Error    2    ICE64: The directory PROGRAMLOCALFOLDER is in the user
profile but is not listed in the RemoveFile table.
E:\Sarvagya\LearningStuffs\ArkoInstaller\ArkoInstaller\Product.wxs    21
3. Warning    3    ICE91: The file 'Insurance_Claim_Form.pdf' will be
installed to the per user directory 'PROGRAMLOCALFOLDER' that doesn't vary
based on ALLUSERS value. This file won't be copied to each user's profile
even if a per machine installation is desired.
E:\Sarvagya\LearningStuffs\ArkoInstaller\ArkoInstaller\Product.wxs    36

But once I use CommonAppDataFolder insted of LocalAppDataFolder, it
compiles correctly. Please correct me where I'm doing wrong.
Thank you


*Sarvagya Pant*
*Kathmandu, Nepal*
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