Issue Running SqlScript with TLS 1.0 Disabled

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Issue Running SqlScript with TLS 1.0 Disabled

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When running an installer that uses the SQL extension to execute scripts on a server that has TLS 1.0 disabled, I'm getting the below errors:

MSI (s) (54:40) [13:18:16:281]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSI5F7A.tmp, Entrypoint: ExecuteSqlStrings
ExecuteSqlStrings:  Error 0x80004005: failed to connect to database: 'TestDB'
Error 26203. Failed to connect to SQL database.  (-2147467259   TestDB      )

When I enable TLS 1.0, the SQL scripts are able to run. Is there a way to workaround the issue besides creating a DTF custom action using .NET to run the scripts?