Localization and acceleration key combinations in WixStandardBootstrapperApplication

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Localization and acceleration key combinations in WixStandardBootstrapperApplication

I'm using WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkSidebarLicense
in my burn bundle. I have localized strings for a few languages. I'm
looking into a bug reported against our Spanish localization. The
expectation is that when the Alt + A is pressed, the focus would be
received by the EULA checkbox and it would become selected. Instead,
the EULA checkbox receives focus but it never becomes selected. The
localized string begins as

<String Id="InstallAcceptCheckbox">&amp;Acepto ...

I was trying to read the burn source code to understand how the
acceleration key combination is setup based on what exists in the
localized .wxl files but I have to admit I'm a little lost. It appears
to me that burn doesn't parse the strings at all so that Windows API
itself sets up the acceleration key combo itself. Is that accurate? If
so, then I assume I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what it
might be.

The acceleration key for English works as expected and it begins as

<String Id="InstallAcceptCheckbox">I &amp;agree ...

Is this simply a case sensitivity issue? I don't think so as I thought
I tried using Alt + Shift + A with no change.

Edwin G. Castro

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