Preventing "ResolveSource" from running during a patch

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Preventing "ResolveSource" from running during a patch

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Hi all,
I have an installer for my application which has been released, and I am now trying to create a patch for it.  My problem is to do with the "ResolveSource" action, which is scheduled to run in my original installers "InstallUISequence".  When applying the patch, if the user does not have the original .msi file in the exact location on disk as it was when initially installing, they are prompted to locate it.

I understand that if I had put a "NOT PATCH" condition on the "ResolveSource" action in the first place, this would not be an issue for me now, however I failed to do that and the installer has been released.

Is there any way to force the patch installer to not run the "ResolveSource" action?

Thanks for any help!