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Problem with RadiobuttonGroup

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Hello all,

I am trying to place radio buttons on on my dialog pages & here is the code for them-

<Control Type="RadioButtonGroup" Property ="AUTH" Id="AUTH" Width="50" Height="42" X="20" Y="020" Default="yes">
                    <RadioButtonGroup Property="radio">
                        <RadioButton Text="1" Height="17" Value="Pass" Width="50" X="0" Y="0" />
                        <RadioButton Text="0" Height="17" Value="Fail" Width="50" X="0" Y="25" />

However, while building, it always ends up with error-
error LGHT0094 : Unresolved reference to symbol 'Property:radio' in section 'Product:77355762-6AE6-4E12-B043'

I am new to Wix & using Wixtoolset 0.75.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks & rgds,