RemoveExistingProducts does not set MsiLogFileLocation

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RemoveExistingProducts does not set MsiLogFileLocation

I know this is now a WiX specific question. Please point me to a better
place to ask this.

I have a custom action that launches an exe. The custom action uses
MsiLogFileLocation as a base to construct a log file path for the exe
command line. This all works great during install and uninstall because my
bundle ensures that a log is always created and I'm targeting Windows Vista
or greater with Windows Installer 4.0 or greater.

During an upgrade I see that MsiLogFileLocation is set in the context of
the upgrade msi but during the execution of RemoveExistingProducts I don't
see MsiLogFileLocation set and this causes my uninstall custom action to
fail because I'm not constructing a proper path for the log command line

I expected that MsiLogFileLocation would be automatically set by
RemoveExistingProducts when uninstalling related products but that
assumption appears to be incorrect.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I might pass the value of
MsiLogFileLocation to the uninstalling msi to produce the correct log file?

The exe in question does not write the contents of this log to standard
output so I can't use CAQuietExec to capture the log.

Edwin G. Castro
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