Renamed bundle results in error after computer restart

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Renamed bundle results in error after computer restart

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Hi there,

first of all this seems to be a replicate of this discussion but I think it's simply a bug and the provided "solution" should not be necessary.

I uploaded a log file here: byzz_nxt_20150814104538.log

I have a bundle installing .Net 4.6 as a prerequisite. This works as expected. After the .Net installation the computer restarts, starts the setup again and installs everything - so far so good.
The problem is: If the bundle is renamed the procedure goes only to the point where the computer has restarted and started the setup again. As soon as the setup wants to install any msi the setup stops with the error 0x80070002 - the source could not be found.
As you can see in the log file my setup file is called "byzz nxt Setup_99.exe". The original file (Visual Studio output) is "byzz nxt Setup.exe".
I think the problem is shown in this line:
[0844:134C][2015-08-14T10:47:04]i000: Caching bundle from: 'C:\Users\TESTRE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{633a3131-c5c7-4030-a0c0-17f02fbf0faa}\.be\byzz nxt Setup.exe' to: 'C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{633a3131-c5c7-4030-a0c0-17f02fbf0faa}\byzz nxt Setup.exe'

Why is wix not using the WixBundleOriginalSource name? How does it even know about this name? It should be "byzz nxt Setup_99.exe".
In my opinion, renaming a bundle should not be a problem or even require special handling or am I totally wrong?

This problem is reproducable:
- Create a bundle with .Net (version doesn't matter) as prerequiste.
- Rename the bundle!
- Execute the bundle on a computer without your .Net verison (so it has to restart the computer before the true setup runs).

(Tested with Windows 8.1, WiX 3.10, Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise)