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UI for Wix Bundle

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Hi Guys,

I have managed to use Wix Bundle to bundle all my prerequisies and fold them into one single installer exe.
(I have 4 prerequisites and one main software)
This single installer exe uses the basic UI provided by the toolset, the one obtained by specifying <BootstrapperApplicationRef  Id="WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLicense">

However, now I am trying to acheive is a good user experience while installing this bundle.

Ideally, on clicking the single installer exe,
- the user should be presented with the welcome dialog
- followed by the EULA dialog
- followed by the list of prerequisites which the installer is gonna install
- size of the install along with the option to change the install path (ideally different path for different software, for e.g if i am gonna install sql server and my software, i would like the user to ask two install path one for each)
- Installation progress
- at the end a finshed dialog

Can you guys let me know how to acheive all this?