Unable to populate ComboBox in Wix installer.

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Unable to populate ComboBox in Wix installer.

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I have done this in order to populate my ComboBox:-

Wix Project code for ComboBox:-

          <Control Id="ComboBox1" Property="COMBOBOXPROPERTY" Type="ComboBox" X="20" Y="20" Width="100" Height="100" Sorted="yes" Indirect="yes">
              <ComboBox Property="COMBOBOXPROPERTY">

Custom Action Code for populating ComboBox:-

            Database db = session.Database;
            string sqlInsertTemp = db.Tables["ComboBox"].SqlInsertString + "TEMPORARY";
            Microsoft.Deployment.WindowsInstaller.View vi = db.OpenView(sqlInsertTemp);
            Record record = new Record(new object[] {"COMBOBOXPROPERTY", 1, "1", "Combo"});

For ensuring that the table gets created, i have done this in my wix project:-

      <EnsureTable Id="ComboBox" />

After all this, i am not getting the values of the table into Combo Box.
Please help.