Uninstall Application using a later version of msi

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Uninstall Application using a later version of msi

veena jayan
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                We have a bootstrapper bundle which chains 3 individual application msi. Bootstrapper custom UI allows user to choose which application to install
And based on the selection custom bootstrapper will install its msi.

Now consider the scenario.
Application, say A1 version is installed in the system. Assume bootstrapper version is also

Assume next version of bootstrapper installer with some updates is available, Assume its version is
Using this one I want to install second application , say A2.
Also I want to uninstall A1.  Currently we support upgrading A1 to version using this latest installer.

But I want to check the possibility of uninstalling A1 using the latest  bootstrapper version. How do I implement it?
Because as per our project requirements, end user should be able to uninstall A1 using any version of bootstrapper.

I have seen in registry it stores the Uninstallstring for each msi. If I run uninstallstring value , for e.g MsiExec.exe /X{90140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE}
Will it exactly does what is done by msi uninstall ? will it handle cleaning registry entry entries, deleting installed files etc ?