Uninstallation doesn't delete shortcuts

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Uninstallation doesn't delete shortcuts

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If I create two installers with different versions and upgrade and installs both of them and then Uninstall the one version then the shortcut is not getting deleted. For the second un-installation the shortcut and registries are also deleted properly for those version.
I am using '*'  to generate the Component GUID. If I use hard coded GUID both version then things work fine. But each time I can't change the GUID for each release.
Some questions:
1. Is the auto generate "*" is not working correctly?
      <Component Id="DesktopShortcut" Directory="INSTALLLOCATION" Guid="*"  Win64="$(var.Is64)">
        <Shortcut Id="myAppDesktopShortcut"
                  Description="myApp software" >

        <RemoveFolder Id="myAppDesktopShortcut" Directory="DesktopFolder" On="uninstall"/>
        <RegistryValue Root="HKCU" Key="Software\[Manufacturer]\[ProductName]" Name="myAppDesktopShortcut" Type="integer" Value="1" KeyPath="yes"/>

NOTE: My product name has version as well.

2. Am I missing something?