Use WixNetFxExtension properties as DetectCondition

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Use WixNetFxExtension properties as DetectCondition

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I'm using Wix 3.10 and I am looking for a future proof way of checking for .NET framework from a bootstrapper application. My idea was to use properties from the WixNetFxExtension in a DetectCondition for a ExePackage like this:

<ExePackage DisplayName="Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1"
                  InstallCommand="/passive /norestart"
                  Name="NET Framework 4.5.1\NDP451-KB2858728-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe"
        <ExitCode Behavior="scheduleReboot" />

I added the reference to the extension dll and I added the corresponding namespace to my Bundle.wxs, but the above DetectCondition always evaluates to false. Is there a smarter way? Or what am I doing wrong? Is something like a <PropertyRef> required, as it is for a MSI project?

Thanks in advance!