Using property on ExeCommand wich are not resolved

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Using property on ExeCommand wich are not resolved

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I need to request from the user some informations (Ip Address and port, for example).
A abstract from my code:

<Property Id="ConfDtb_HostIp"    Value=""></Property>
<Property Id="ConfDtb_Porta" Value="3306"></Property>

<Control Id="ConfDtb_lblHost"    Type="Text" X="130" Y="172" Width="34" Height="14" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" Text="Host/IP:" Integer="yes" />
<Control Id="ConfDtb_lblPorta"   Type="Text" X="265" Y="172" Width="28" Height="14" Transparent="yes" NoPrefix="yes" Text="Porta:"   Integer="yes"/>

<Control Id="ConfDtb_getHostIp"  Type="Edit" Width="70" Height="15" X="167" Y="170" Property="ConfDtb_HostIp" />
<Control Id="ConfDtb_getPorta"   Type="Edit" Width="50" Height="15" X="296" Y="170" Property="ConfDtb_Porta" Integer="yes"   />

<CustomAction Id="GerarSqlIni" ExeCommand="[INSTALLFOLDER]GeraSgsSqlIni.exe [ConfDtb_HostIp] [ConfDtb_Usuario] [ConfDtb_Senha] [ConfDtb_Banco] [ConfDtb_Porta] [INSTALLFOLDER]" Directory="ProgramFilesFolder" Execute="deferred" Return="asyncWait" />
    <Custom Action="GerarSqlIni" After="InstallFiles">NOT Installed</Custom>