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Heath Stewart-3
In case you didn't noticed, support for variable arguments for the various Exit* and Trace* macros has been added now to both wix3 and wix4 codebases. This is something I wanted to do a couple years ago but never got around to it until I had some impetus recently and wanted to not worry about whether I wanted to pass 1 argument or 2 or 3 and change the signatures later should I decide to refactor.
What this means: you can now type ExitOnFailure(hr, "%ls %d %ls %d", sczFoo, cFoo, sczBar, cBar) or how ever many parameters (even none) you want without using different macros. No need to specify a number after Exit* macros.
So for new code, please use this and maybe eventually we can replace all the old ones that I left there (though redefined as the variadic variant) and remove them.

Hope that helps be more productive!

Heath Stewart
Software Design Engineer
Visual Studio, Microsoft

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