Wix Burn based installer not "forgetting" persisted values on uninstall

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Wix Burn based installer not "forgetting" persisted values on uninstall

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I have a burn (wix 3.9r2) based installer/chainer with a wpf based ui that has variables that are set to be Persisted.

The installer has been installed/uninstalled many times by various people on various machines just fine.  However, there have been 2 occasions where the persisted variables seem to be forgotten when the product is uninstalled and I don't know where to start for trouble shooting.

I'm very confidant the installation UI isn't changing these values on the uninstall because the default values are the ones coming directly from the Variable definitions in the bundle.wxs.

Has anyone seen behavior similar to this or have any ideas how this could happen?

Like is there anything that would prevent the variables from being persisted on a successful installation?