Xnainstaller short cut issue

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Xnainstaller short cut issue

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Hello I am the developer of an xna title called
The Great Code King found at


I used click once but i want to use xna so i used


to create the installer.

The result I get is a program installer in program files and a start menu short cut

when i open the short cut it reads THE WRONG TARGET
but the right START in and is a ADVERTISED short cut.

Everyone! I am almost done with this installer i need to just be able to make a short cut that actually targets the exe file!

Further more everytime i try to make a non advertised short cut it never shows up!

Can someone point me in the direction of making a shortcut that actually has the right target

heres the code

 <Component Id="MyComponent" Guid="{62EC17DF-941E-4133-9A7D-0F857560210C}" DiskId="1">
                Name="Black America The Great Code King"
               >      <Icon Id="coverimage.ico"  SourceFile="$(sys.SOURCEFILEDIR)/../Content/coverimage.ico" /></Shortcut> 
              Id="GameExecutable" Name="THE GREAT CODE KING.exe" KeyPath="yes"
              Source="$(sys.SOURCEFILEDIR)/../Content/THE GREAT CODE KING.exe"



THe program runs without error and builds an installer but the installer shortcut never has the right target of my exe file! I don't get it! I also tried nesting it in file it just doesn't create a short cut that actually hits the file i need.

Please help!