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bundle with mixed privilege packages

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My bundle consists of few exe-packages, united in chain: prerequisites, which must be installed at perMachine scope, and some perUser app packages. All packages have "PerMachine" attribute set, either to "yes" (per-machine ones) or to "no" (per-user ones)

When the bundle is installed under a regular user account, burn/wix requests elevation. It promts for administrative account credentials to elevate itself. After this, all packages are installed elevated; per-user packages are installed for the elevated user (specified in the promt), i.e. administrator user.

In the wix 3.10 source code, i found some strange "perMachine" manipulations:
1) PlanPackages: BOOL fBundlePerMachine = pPlan->fPerMachine; // bundle is per-machine if plan starts per-machine.
2) PlanCachePackage: if (pPackage->fPerMachine) { pPlan->fPerMachine = TRUE; }

As i can see, any per-machine package makes the whole plan per-machine, too; that installs the per-user packages for the elevated account (the administrator), not for the user that starts installation.

How do I install perUser packets from under regular user account, not the elevated one ?

Thanks in advance.