do not modify config file when execute installer repair

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do not modify config file when execute installer repair

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Hi all,

this is my code:

<Component Id="WindowsFormApplication" Guid="A4B6A813-4F2C-497D-AE83-E4397D9F4306" Directory="INSTALLDIR" KeyPath="yes">
  <Condition>NOT Installed</Condition>
  <File Id='configXML' Name='config.xml' DiskId='1' Source='..\Resources\config.xml' Vital='yes' />
  <util:XmlFile Id='configXML1' File='[INSTALLDIR]config.xml' Action='setValue' Name='host' Value='[HOST]' ElementPath='//config/database' Sequence='2'/>

When I execute the msi file (first time) the the config file was successfull modified with the property from
the inputbox form the dialog.

The problem is, when I excecute the msi File a second time and execute the button repair,
my config file will be also modify with an empty value in the xml element host.

Is it possible to solve it with an condition like <Condition>NOT Installed AND NOT i.e. Repair</Condition>

Thanks a lot,