looking to see if "version" of a pre requisite is installed...

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looking to see if "version" of a pre requisite is installed...

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I need to check to see if version A or greater of an application is installed. I don't have the GUID for the application, is there an easy way to look for a product.

i.e. I need to look for Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 Core Components version 2.1.1648.0 (I know the version of this version since I am installing it as a pre requisite but if someone has a newer version that is okay)

I used to look in SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{7AC8EF88-D996-4D47-B40C-4DD93E307481} for the 32 bit MSI but if I don't know the GUID of the newer version (which is something like 2.1.2504.0) how would I do that?

I guess I can use util:ProductSearch using the upgrade code (since the upgradecode shouldn't change version to version...

is that right?