prevent bundle getting uninstalled until all chained msis are uninstalled

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prevent bundle getting uninstalled until all chained msis are uninstalled

veena jayan
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I use Wix 3.10. I have a custom wix bootstrapper managed installer exe. There are 3 msi packages chained in the bundle. Assume bundle is MyInstaller.exe, Msi packages are App1.msi , App2.msi and App3.msi. I display bundle entry in Add/Remove Programs(ARP). bundle.wxs is configured such a way that individual MSI package entries are not getting displayed in ARP.

My issue is while uninstalling from Control Panel. I right click on bundle entry (say, MyInstaller) ; select Uninstall.It will open MyInstaller custom UI. I select App1 from my Custom UI to uninstall . It successfully uninstalls App1. But I observed bundle entry, 'MyInstaller' is also getting removed from Add/Remove Programs.

My expectation is I do not want MyInstaller to be removed from ARP since other msis( App2 and App3) are not uninstalled yet. Once the last msi package is uninstalled , MyInstaller bundle entry should be removed from ARP. Ho do I achieve this?

My bundle definition starts like
<Bundle Name="My Installer"        
      Condition="VersionNT &gt;= v6.0">

<RelatedBundle Id="e9707207-d9f6-92bc-43ce-aacb34e48e51" Action="Upgrade"/>