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problems with heat

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although weather isn't that good today, I have a problem with heat ;-)
Running it on a directory that gets harvested with tallow from wix2 quite nicely I get with heat:
(names edited)

heat dir -nologo -sfrag -gg "C:\..." -out file.wxs
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_1
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_2
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_3
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_4
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_5
[E] invalid tie on AnObject AName_6
Cannot open library Name_1.dll
Cannot open library Name_2.dll

and then I get an "ASSERT Failed" Dialog with:
At line 404 of E:\Video_MPEG_AVI_QT_DIRECTX\DirectShow\DXF\DXSDK\samples\Multimedia\DirectShow\BaseClasses\dllsetup.cpp
Continue? (Cancel to debug)

And clicking on "Cancel" I get a heat.exe dialog with:
Application terminated

Any comments?