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[ wix-Bugs-1294976 ] Default codepage problem

Bugs item #1294976, was opened at 2005-09-18 20:36
Message generated for change (Comment added) made by derekc
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>Category: dark
>Group: v2.0
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: bnk (nbelyh)
>Assigned to: Robert Flaming (rflaming)
Summary: Default codepage problem

Initial Comment:
If setup is not in english,
then linker outputs question marks to the tables instead
of real strings...

The output codepage is set only if localization is in effect;
thus, for non-english setups, the codepage is set to

It seems that output codepage should be set to one
specified in the input file, even when there is no
localization file specified... or am I missing something?

I'v run into this problem by de-compiling existing (non-
english) setup, and then trying to compile it with wix.

The fix may be setting output.CodePage in Linker.cs to
value specified in input file..
or adding extra parameter to linker to specify output



>Comment By: Derek (derekc)
Date: 2005-09-19 00:58

Logged In: YES

The codepage can be set without using the localization
files, just set Product/@Codepage.

The excellent bug description helped me find that there is a
bug here: the decompiler does not seem to set the codepage
for the msi.  I'm assigning this to Robert to handle the
decompiler issue (which should be fixed in both WiX 2.0 and


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