[wix-users] (deprecated) Does parent of a companion file always need to be from same feature?

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[wix-users] (deprecated) Does parent of a companion file always need to be from same feature?

Kashif Md.
I’ve been facing issues while updating a few companion files in a windows
installer patch for which size does not change but checksum does change.
I'm not going into details here because I know why bug happened and what
was the core reason.

The problem is that I went to MS paid support and they say that for
companion file logic to work companion and its parent must be in the same
feature. If parent and companion are in two different features then it is
not a supported scenario.

The documentation on MSDN does not say that both files must be from same
feature. They also said that they won't document this on MSDN because
anyone with basic installer knowledge will know it already. I don't
consider myself a beginner and didn't know it.

So I have come to the experts here (some of whom have probably earlier
worked with MS on core installer engine):

 “Is it really mandatory that companion and its parent should always be in
same feature”? How do I take advantage of companion file logic if my
feature does not have any versioned file?

Thanks and Regards,

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